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Our company is grounded in the virtues of quality work, respect, and integrity. We formed in 2010 when owners Ricky, Ibro, and Alen, after years of working in the industry for large commercialized contractors, decided Saint Louis deserved better than what was currently available.

Since then our team and capabilities have continued to grow, all thanks to happy customers who tell their friends and neighbors about our quality of work and customer-centered service.

Our employees are all journeyman certified electricians committed to delivering professionalism for every job. We take pride in our work, tackling each project with professionalism and respect for your home or commercial property.

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Materials & Equipment

Safety | When it comes to electrical work, safety should always be the top priority. This means protection for you and your property from dangerous hazards, as well as safety for our journeymen. The right training and tools, patience, and quality materials are all important factors to keep you and your loved ones safety.

Longevity | Our design, installation, and the UL listed materials we use means our work is meant to withstand mother nature and father time. We don’t take shortcuts, and we will never use sub-par components to save a buck. Our bottom line is a happy client, and project done on time, and on budget.

Efficiency | Poor design, equipment, or installation can lead to power and grid efficiencies. This almost always means higher electric costs. Nothing can replace the experience and patient craftsmanship needed to create optimal performance and thus lower electric consumption in any power grid.

What We Do

What we do is earn our client’s appreciation by delivering quality service on all our power distribution & low voltage projects.


Sleep well at night knowing that your electrical components are built with safety and energy efficiency in mind. Looking for help? We’ll repair, install, or simply give you a second opinion.
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Consultations, installs, & ongoing service work by a team of professional journeymen that will deliver your project on time & on budget, it’s why we’re quickly becoming STL’s most trusted contractor.
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